Getting You Closer to Victory

Getting You Closer to Victory
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Spray Foam Magazine – Show Issue 2020 – A former contractor and 16-year spray foam veteran, Vincent Majewski, can sum up a key ingredient behind a successful spray foam operation in one word: TEAMWORK. He understands that you cannot promote new products alone, but must provide technical support and job site training to help customers’ businesses grow. He has carried this notion over into his new role as president of Victory Polymers, a growing manufacturing entity of cutting-edge spray polyurethane foam products with a knowledgeable technical team.

Majewski points out that being successful requires developing strong customer relationships and providing quality products, “Establishing the dream team and creating strategic formulations that render the material easier to spray and creates less clogging in the guns, and most importantly, provides higher yields.”

“From our executive team to our people in the field, we all understand that our customer truly comes first,” he says.

Currently, Victory Polymers’ product line consists of three different foams:

1. | The VPC-One Stroke, an open-cell spray foam created with the installer in mind. Majewski notes that it is an ideal product for residential applications.

 “The VPC-One Stroke is designed to fill a two-by-six cavity in one pass while spraying at high pressure. It is a brilliant product!”

2. | The VPC-CC Super Lift, a closed-cell product that can be sprayed up to four inches thick in one pass, achieving the required R-value in less time. Majewski recommends this product for commercial and residential jobs that require high R-values.

“You have to take into account that many areas of the country have pushed building codes for higher R-values,” Majewski says. “The VPC SuperLift product allows the applicator to spray the roofline in less passes, which saves time and money.”

3. | The VPC-CC Super Yield, a closed-cell spray foam that adheres to virtually any substrate, providing versatility for all types of spray foam jobs. Because of this, Majewski points out that the Super Yield is their highest performing product in the SPF market. “It truly has incredible yields,” Majewski adds, “Simply stated: High yields mean higher profits.”?

While Victory Polymers has aimed high with user-friendliness when crafting their product line, they have simultaneously looked at the ever-changing landscape of the spray foam world to ensure compliance across the board for their distributor and contractor base. From new energy codes to specific blowing agent requirements, Majewski notes that it is crucial to think ahead and embrace environmentally friendly formulations.

Majewski further states, “It is always important to look ahead for the future of our industry and not just for today. The manufacturing landscape has changed dramatically through the years. We believe HFO closed-cell products will continually become in high demand as different states adopt different regulations and we want to be the kind of company that stays ahead of the curve and educates industry members on building green and sustainable design.”

The impact of Victory Polymers to the spray foam industry comes full circle by coupling their product line with one-on-one technical support.?

Majewski goes on to say, “We have assembled and will continue to grow our victory team of professionals possessing decades of experience in the spray foam industry,” says Majewski. “Providing quality products that offer the best yields, understanding job site logistics, helping grow our contractor and distributor business by offering sales and marketing training, equipment training, and most importantly job site health and safety.”

As a manufacturer on the rise, Victory Polymers has caught the attention of numerous distributors and contractors across the country with their foam products. And it looks like they are only getting started as they look to bring a line of roofing products to market in 2020, according to Majewski.

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