Delta CPS Proportioner by Akurate Dynamics

Delta CPS Proportioner by Akurate Dynamics

What is it?

The Delta CPS Proportioner is an innovation unlike anything seen before in the Spray Foam industry. Our proportioner uses gear pumps and contains custom in-house designed and manufactured heat exchangers. The Delta CPS Porportioner was designed top-to-bottom to be the most intuitive, "hands off" proportioner in the industry. Advantages include:

·        Easy to use system

o   Every component is designed and built to work together seamlessly

·        Low maintenance costs

o   With fewer moving parts than a piston pump system, maintenance is cheaper and faster?

·        1:1 Ratio

o   Integrated software adjust motor speed in response to flow meters for a guaranteed 1:1 ratio

Contact Details

Name: Drew Cruthirds

Phone No: (832)672-5665